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During our time in public service, we both learned the difference between effective and indifferent advocacy. A reputation for credibility and the ability to marshal persuasive, well-reasoned arguments are keys to success. This is where we excel, and it is why we put “Advocacy” in the name of our business.

Strategic Advice

We offer our clients the very highest level of strategic and tactical counsel. Our decades of experience at the tip of the spear have given us intimate knowledge of how the process really works. By applying this knowledge, we can connect the dots to achieve your policy objectives.


In today’s fast-paced environment, real-time knowledge is often the difference between success and failure in acheiving your goals. You can’t afford to learn of important developments by reading yesterday's news. We will be your eyes and ears in Washington, D.C. Because we personally manage client relationships, you can count on us to know what is important to you, and to keep you informed. We will not let you be caught off guard.


The public policy world has its own dialect and rules of engagement. Knowing how to speak this language and follow these rules can make or break an advocacy strategy. We will guide you as to the language, tone, and style of communication most likely to bring about a successful outcome.